Thursday, July 31, 2014

Craft Gourd Snowman Ornaments

Children always enjoy crafting these gourd snowmen during the holidays.
      You will need to plan ahead for this particular ornament craft. It requires that gourds be dried several months in advance. Drying gourds is not an exact science. There are always a few that don't make it to an acceptable stage and mold must be roughly sanded off before applying paint.

Supply List:
  • baby socks for the snowman's stocking hat
  • plaid paper
  • black seed beads
  • orange oven-dry clay
  • paper face mask (to prevent the inhaling of mold spores)
  • white school glue
  • white tacky glue
  • either white acrylic paints or Gesso
  • scissors
  • dried gourds
  • wire for hanging the ornament
  • translucent glitter 
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. You will need to prepare your gourds by hanging them in a sunny dry spot. They will get a little moldy, however.
  2. Where a paper mask while you remove most of the mold with a fine grade sandpaper. 
  3. Then apply either a bit of Gesso or white acrylic paint with a sponge. I let some of the original patina of my gourds show through because I prefer the look.
  4. Now fold and trim a few baby socks for your gourds stocking caps. Glue these on top of the gourds with tacky white glue.
  5. Cut a few strips of plaid scrapbook paper and snip the ends to create a fringed edge. Glue these scarfs directly onto the surface of the gourds.
  6. Use tiny, black seed beads for each snowman's eyes and mouth.
  7. Roll out a carrot shaped nose from orange oven-fire clay. Bake according to the package's instructions. Glue the carrot nose to the center of each snowman's face.
  8. Brush a thin wash of white glue onto the gourds and sprinkle a bit of translucent glitter wherever you wish.
  9. Hook a wire hanger through the stocking hat for hanging.
This is just part 1. follow the links at youtube to view additional video.

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