Thursday, July 17, 2014

Craft Easy Nativity Star Ornaments

This Nativity ornament is so easy to make but yet it looks as though took a long time to craft!
      I just love the way this easy little star ornament turned out. I took very little effort on my part to produce it. Depending upon the stickers you use, this project could look quite different. I purchased these nativity stickers at a Michael's hobby store but you could find similar ones at any number of retailers. This is a perfect Christmas ornament project for those who love to scrapbook.

Supply List:
  • plastic star ornament container
  • white glitter
  • white school glue
  • sand paper
  • wire hanger and one cotton ball
  • silver tinsel
  • Nativity stickers
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Rough-up both the inside and outside of the plastic ornament container with sandpaper. This will help the glitter stick to the plastic surface.
  2. Then layer white glitter on both the outside and inside of the plastic star. You may choose to brush on the glue but I used my finger tips instead. Make sure to give the ornament extra coats of glitter around the edges of the star.
  3. Glue inside the ornaments a small amount of silver tinsel. Many retailers sell this material for mere pennies during the holiday season.
  4. Now add extra glue to the backing of your stickers and firmly press these to both the inside and outside your glittery star!
  5. Cover and wrap a wire hook with cotton batting using white glue. Twist the wire through the plastic hook or hole provided and hang the ornament on your tree.
Left, plastic star ornament containers come with two sides; so you can craft two separate miniature dioramas. Next, rough up the surface of any plastic form in order to give it a surface that will except glue/paint. Center, apply the glitter and glue generously in stages. Far right, glue inside the star ornament a bit of inexpensive tinsel. This ornament has real bling!
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