Thursday, December 5, 2013

Recycle Peanuts Gift Wrap Into Tags and Ornaments

       Here is are two economical, quick and simple ways to decorate a child's Christmas tree or presents with all of his or her favorite characters from Peanuts. I will use these little paper ornaments to decorate a classroom Christmas tree with.
        Above is a photo of both the original Peanuts wrapping paper (right) and the
cut-outs pasted onto a piece of blue construction paper (left). My children cut the
 shapes out two to three times after pasting the pictures to red, yellow, blue and
green papers. Each time they cut out their little tags, they would leave a narrow
boarder around the tag. This made their tags heavier and more durable as well as
 adding more bright colors to the tags.
       These Christmas Peanuts tags may be used to decorate gifts with if you'd prefer. I will hang them on a Peanuts themed Christmas tree in our classroom after they have been laminated; this will ensure  that the decorations will last for several years.
       Above is a Christmas bauble made by layering Snoopy and Woodstock character wrapping paper onto a light weight plastic Styrofoam ball with white glue. After the glue dries, add a thick coat of acrylic varnish to polish off your
Christmas ornament creation!
More Peanuts Ornaments and Christmas Advent Calendars:

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