Friday, December 6, 2013

Craft A Christmas Candy Wrap Jester from A Clothespin!

       This little clothespin, doll ornament is decked out in left-over candy wrappers and gold tinsel that I saved during the holiday festivities. I guess you could say that I'm "old school" meaning that I am always looking to recycle the little bits of trim and foils that most people just toss away these days. This is not to say that I can't go out to a hobby shop and purchase 1.00 sheets of fancy paper; I just can't bear to throw away cute candy wrappers and so these eventually are used for decorating the tree somehow.
       This little jester is just one of many clothespin dolls that I have crafted over the years. His face and hands were made with Cernit Oven-Bake Modeling Clay pressed into Polyform molds. Sculpey makes many small press molds of detailed doll parts for crafts like the one pictured below. You can find all kinds of these molds in your local craft and hobby stores. 
       I use wood glue to apply foil trims with. Usually I have to clamp the tinsel temporarily while the glue dries but it is worth the extra trouble in order to avoid messier hot glue application. Also, tinsel heats up when it is applied with a hot glue and you are more likely to burn yourself during the process if you're not careful. 
       I wrapped his pointed hat, body and arms in foil then wrapped his neck with a bushy tinsel collar. Then I painted his features with a white acrylic paint to imitate "clown white" or "grease paint." Lastly I added a few bright features: a yellow smile and red rosy cheeks and outlined these with a permanent felt tipped marker.
The above pictures illustrate a jester clothespin doll as it looks from four different angles.
See additional examples of clothespin/spool dolls:

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