Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Santa Claus In the Zoo.

        "Animals at Taronga Zoo in Sydney open their Christmas presents early. The gifts were chosen to match the behavioural traits of each animal, and to appeal to their unique skills. The zoo's Malayan sun bears were treated to giant Christmas decorations stuffed with nuts and honey. Meanwhile, an Aldabra tortoise tucked into a watermelon carved in the shape of a Christmas tree, and some lettuce leaves. For the meerkats, there were small colourful balls and a new toy house full of live crickets for them to run around in. Get the latest headlines"

Santa Claus In the Zoo

Said Santa Claus: "Tis Christmas eve
(The animals looked pleasant),
And each of you will now receive
His yearly Christmas present.
But I'd be glad if every guest
Would mention what he'd like the best."

The tapir said: "That pleases me.
I'll state succincetly, therefore,
If I may be so bold and free,
The only thing I care for 
Would be those matches on the shelf,
With which I'd like to light myself."

His wish was granted. Then up spake
A timid little adder:
"Sir, but a trifle it will take
To make my Christmas gladder.
A slate and pencil, if you please,
Would let me do my sums with ease."

The reindeer said, "You may believe
I'd be a happy fellow
If I were sure I would receive
A good sized unberrellow,
And also I'd like four galocha,
Yes, and a rubber mackintosh."

by Walton Williams

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