Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Topsyturvy Concert

 By George Bradford Bartlett

      This is one of the funniest entertainments ever seen, and one of the easiest to prepare. 
      It needs only a screen or a curtain stretched across any room. 
      The height of the curtain may be determined by the size of the children who sing in the concert, for they stand in a row behind the screen or curtain. 
      It is well to have these singers nearly of the same size, as the screen or curtain should conceal all of their bodies except the head and neck. 
      The only preparation required is that the arms and hands of each should be covered with stockings, and that shoes be worn upon each hand, with the soles of the shoes pointed forward, so that the toes will be turned toward the spectators, who are seated in front of the curtain at a little distance. At the conclusion of each verse the singers stoop down all together and very quickly, and each, lowering the head, elevates the arms above the curtain. 
      The effect thus produced is that all the singers seem to be standing on their heads. 
      They keep time with their feet (or rather hands) to the music of the song, and the sudden changes, when done simultaneously, will never fail to amuse. 
      The idea of this unique performance probably originated in the fertile brain of a Frenchman; but it has been adapted for the use of children, and will prove an enjoyable addition to the holiday merrymakings. 

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