Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Collage a candle to remember The Light of The World

These collaged paper candles were crafted by kindergaten, 1rst and 2nd graders.
      So many candles and such variety! Print out my nostalgic version of a candle below and have your little ones paste all kinds of things to it to create their own version of this popular Christmas craft. Below I have compiled a list of things that teachers or parents may collect for the project.
  1. pasta, plain or dyed
  2. rice, plain or dyed
  3. ribbons
  4. buttons
  5. pom-poms
  6. sequins
  7. chenille stems
  8. silk flowers
  9. seeds
  10. beans
  11. beads
  12. stickers
  13. foam shapes
  14. clippings of fabric or felt
  15. feathers
  16. candy
  17. tiny bells
  18. shredded paper
  19. wrapping paper
  20. sea shells
  21. tissue paper
  22. wooden shapes
  23. pressed leaves and flowers
  24. air dry clay
  25. tin foil
Download and print this free Christmas candle graphic for your little ones to decorate.

      "A 60 voice African Children's Choir accompanied by the Young African's (Alumni of the Choir) sing "Light of the world" at the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the organization in Vancouver BC."

Jesus is The Light of The World:

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