Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bake a Coconut Reindeer Cake for Christmas

      A Reindeer Cake, designed by the General Foods Corporation in 1959, is a coconut delight for Christmas Day or any wintery night. He carries licorice antlers wherever he goes and you'll long for a bite of his crab apple nose.
      First you will need a cooled13x9x2-inch cake. Measure in 3 inches along the short side and 61/2 inches up the long sides from two corners. Cut through points to make ears.
      Then place the ears on the reindeer's head, then frost generously with a fluffy coconut frosting. Use a toasted Baker's Angel Flakes for his face and licorice sticks for his antlers.
      Decorate the rest of the cake as shown, using gumdrops and mints for the eyes and a spiced crab apple for his nose. The gay string of bells on Deer-ie's forehead is made with slices of small gumdrops.

Coconut pound cake is a great dish for many different occasions. Get a great coconut pound cake recipe with help from the winner of two Gourmand Cookbook Awards in this free video clip.  

      The pound cake in the video may be baked in a sheet cake pan for the reindeer design I've posted above. Or you may wish to use any of the recipes below instead. You will also need to color your coconut with a brown food dye if you choose not to make the chocolate version of the coconut cake listed first in my cake links below.

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