Sunday, April 7, 2013

Color These Beautiful Christmas Bisque Head Dolls

"Subscribe twitter: Facebook: Doll mad Kathy Libraty is barely visible amongst her astonishing collection of antique dolls - worth a whopping £1.23m. Every inch of the 52-year-old's home is filled with over 1000 of the figures she has been collecting for over 25 years."

      Below are some coloring pages of stunning antique dolls for you to color. When I was very young I often asked for a doll similar to these for Christmas. However, my parents were not wealthy enough to gift to me such a doll. Parents can mount these paper beauties onto heavy cardstock so that their little ones will have a bisque head doll that won't break or even cost much more than a few pennies!

Color this exceptional antique bisque head doll for Christmas fun!
Color this antique china doll with a lovely floral dress.
Color a little Victorian child cradles her doll in her arms.
Children will love to color Santa as he delivers an armful of antique china dolls, teddy bears and Steiff animals for Christmas.
Color More Pictures of Antique Dolls:

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