Monday, March 25, 2013

Color Old St. Nick With His Bag of Toys

Old St. Nick carries a very heavy load of toys on his back for children to color.
A Christmas Creed by Martha B. Thomas, 1912
* I believe in Santa Claus.
* I believe no hair is snowier, no cheeks redder, no smile merrier and no eyes more twinkling than his.
* I believe the heart of him is big enough to encompass the world -- if people would let it!
* I believe in the jingle of his sleigh bells, the swiftness of his reindeer, the sound of their tapping feet on the roof.
* I believe in chimneys, big broad, deep-throated chimneys that will not cramp the Merry Gentleman with his bulging pack.
* I believe in solemn rows of stockings hanging by the fire - father'es short one, mother's long one and the dangling ones of the children, all waiting and expectant.
* I believe in the invisible blossom of happiness that Santa Claus leaves at every house, and I believe that it will grow through all the year if people try to keep the spirit of Christmas every day!

St. Nick is coming to town cartoon classic.

Color St. Nick unloading his bag full of fun toys beneath the Christmas tree.
Color St. Nick as he climbs down the chimney to deliver his toys.

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