Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas For The Birds

The Bird's Plea
Dear kiddies, Christmas will soon
be here.
The happiest time of all the year,
While you are enjoying your
Christmas toys
And you little hearts filled with
Christmas joys,
Please think of the wee birds out
in the snow,
Where cruel winds whistle and
fiercely blow.
Our home is the air, our roof is
the sky,
When we've nothing to eat we 
freeze and die.
Dear kiddies, you live in houses
so warm,
Sheltered from cold and the blind-
ing storm. 
You'll have "Merry Christmas"
and plenty to eat.
Oh, please give your little bird
friends a treat!
We're so hungry. Dear little kid-
dies, please
Hang us some Christmas out on
the trees.

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