Friday, November 18, 2011

My Welsh Cupboard Decorated for Christmas

This maple, Welsh cupboard once belonged
to my mother-in-law. During the holidays, I display all kinds
of "knick knacks" on it. My husband is not fond of
knick knacks so I only display my collections during
the holidays. We are happy with this simple arrangement.
My children always look forward to what gets displayed
on the Welsh cupboard. They spent countless hours looking
at these displays during their childhood years.
A closer view of the things displayed on my Welsh cupboard
this year.
This tin type actually moves. I think it is based
upon an old, winter postcard scene.
I have collected many small things over the years that
end up on top of my Welsh cupboard during December. Pictured
above, left is a chalkware Belsnickel that I hand-painted and
a carved Santa. On the bottom row is a Russian nesting doll
given to me by my sister-in-law, a pottery Santa and a
snowman wearing ice skates. None of these items are worth
much but they bring back cherished memories of my
family's holidays.
A small set of antique children's blocks circle the base of my
feather tree this year, however, these belong to Natalie. She will
take them when she has a home of her own to decorate some day.
I usually display some of the Santas/Belsnickels that I have sculpted
over the years at the top of the cupboard. The candy dish on the far
left is vintage and not mine; I believe it dates from the 1950s.
Some more Santas and snowmen from my crafting days.
A close up of the feather tree purchased for me by my mother-in-law.
Below are just a few of the ornaments that I hang on
this feather tree every year.
This English chimney sweep is one of my favorite ornaments
designed by Midwest Cannon Falls.
Two wooden ornaments made from turned parts.
I am also fond of tin toys on a Christmas tree.
A rooster made from wheat straw.
A tiny baby inside a tin cradle.
A lovely Nativity made from pottery.
My favorite ornament is a Christmas mouse holding a yule log cake.
I found it in a garage sale one summer and payed ten cents for it!
Another tin type ornament. This one is an elephant pull toy.
This is a Santa cookie jar that my husband gave me
 when we were newly married. At that time,
I had no idea that Germans loved cookies so much!

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