Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sliding Down Hill.

There is ice on the hill, hurrah, hurrah!
We can slide quite down to the pasture-bar
Where the cows at night, in the summer weather,
Would stand a-waiting and lowing together.

"Tie your tippet closer, John,"
That was what their mother said;
"All of you put mittens on --
The broom will answer for a sled!"

They had never a sled, but dragged in its room,
Just as gaylt, behind them, the worn kitchen-broom;
John, Sammy and Tom, and their sweet little sister,
With her cheecks cherry-red, where the wind had kissed her.

"You can watch, sis, that's enough,"
That was what her brothers said;
"Keep your hands warm in your muff --
Girls can't slide without a sled!

"Oh, where in the world is there aught so nice
As to slide down the pasture-hill on the ice?
Quite down to the bar, sis, see we are going,
Where the cows each night in summer stood lowing."

"If I were a boy, like you,"
This was what their sister said,
Watching as they downward flew,
"I would make a girl a sled!''

by Mary E. Wilkins.

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