Saturday, May 2, 2009

Christmas Glow Poem

 Christmas Glow

Scattered snow along the hillside, white as
springtime fleeces are,
With the whiter wings above them and the
glory-streaming star--
Guiding-star across the housetops; never fear
the shepherd's felt
Till they found the Babe in manger, where
the kindly cattle knelt.

Oh, the shepherds in Judea!--
Do you think the shepherds know
How the whole round earth is brightened
In the ruddy Christmas glow?

How the sighs are lost in laughter, and the
laughter brings the tears,
As the thoughts of men go seeking back
across the darkling years,
Till they find the wayside stable that the
star-led wise men found,
With the shepherds, mute, adoring, and the
glory shining round!

--Mary Austin.

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