Over 100 Christmas Ornament Crafts

       Some of my visitors are so creative that all they need is a small bit of inspiration to get them started on the next project. For this reason I will write about methods used in the creation of Christmas decorations.
General Methods Articles and Collections
      Have you ever wondered just how this whole Christmas craft craziness got started? For this reason I will also link to a collection of articles about the history of or cultural connections to those things that we decorate with on our holiday trees.
  History of Ornaments: Materials, Techniques, Cultural Origins
      I will include here ornament crafts that are for both kids and adults. Many of the crafts listed below may be accomplished by preteens or high school aged students as well as adults. Parents should read through the directions carefully before selecting crafts for little ones. Not all young people have great scissor skills or should be trusted alone with wire; take precautions when selecting a Christmas ornament craft. Some Christmas crafts are very simple but have sophisticated results while others may be quite difficult if you have never attempted certain methods before.
      I will also link here to posts about ornament crafts that I have published on my other blogs.
      Craft skill level is ranked 1 - 5 stars. One star being equal to the least amount of skill needed to complete the project, five stars being equal to the most expert skills needed to complete the project professionally.
Craft Tree Toppers:

New Jesse Tree Ornaments at The Christian Clip Art
Review: Free Patterns for Baker's Clay Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments: Lessons/Tutorials/Step-by-Step Instructions: fifth grade - adults, ages 10 - 100
  1. Craft Easy Nativity Star Ornaments *
  2. Christmas Penny Peppermint Ornaments *
  3. Five Christmas Candy Cones Using Wooden Accents **
  4. Snip, Stitch and Tuck Snowmen From Notions *
  5. A Tutorial For a Hornet's Nest Ornament ***
  6. A Craft Tutorial For a Cotton Batting Squirrel Ornament **** 
  7. Paint Faux Stained Glass Baubles ***
  8. "The Partridge In A Pear Tree" Candy Cone **** 
  9. Craft a Christmas Soldier Wearing a Bearskin Hat  ** 
  10. Repurposed Ornaments Made From Costume Jewelry Parts
  11. Wrap a Rainbow Colored Wreath for Your Christmas Tree *
  12. Craft a Cotton Batting Birch Yule Log Ornament ** 
  13. A Quilted Colonial American Christmas Angel Ornament **
  14. Make a Jingle Bell Snowman Ornament *
  15. Sculpt a Belznickle Head Candy Cone **** 
  16. Craft a Juggling Snowman Ornament **
  17. A Manger Scherenscnitte Pattern by Kathy Grimm  **  
  18. How to make a pine cone Christmas tree ornament (two versions) **
  19. Craft a Shabby Chic Silk Bauble *
  20. DIY Jewelled Moorish Ornaments **
  21. Craft a Wool Lollipop Christmas Ornament  **
  22. Crafting Seed Ornaments for The Christmas Tree ** 
  23. Paint Danish Blue Chalkware Ornaments **
  24. DYI Cotton Batting Corn On The Cob Ornament ** 
  25. Dressing Up Millinery Fruits for The Christmas Tree *
  26. Bend a Wire Shaped Tree to Display Miniature Ornaments ** 
  27. Cross Stitch These Angels for a Medieval Christmas Tree ** 
  28. Craft a Plum Pudding Ornament from A Hallow Egg **
  29. How to sew sock snowmen ornaments *
  30. Craft a Golden Tassel Angel Ornament **
  31. Craft a Yarn Wrapped Star  ** 
  32. Craft a Delicate Paper Fan Ornament *** 
  33. How to Make Vintage Chenille Stem Santas, Snowmen etc...
  34. Handcraft Marbleized Glass Baubles for Your Christmas Tree
  35. Cut and Paste Victorian Paper Clown Rosettes *
  36. Paper Pulp, Silver Foil Belznickle Ornaments *** 
  37. DIY Sea Shell Star Ornament *
  38. The Queen and King of Hearts Candy Cone *** 
  39. A Painted Cardboard Tube Santa Claus Ornament ***
  40. Make a Vintage 1950s Popsicle Stick Angel Ornament **  
  41. Victorian Snowball Garland Tutorial **
  42. Children's Alphabet Block Ornaments *
  43. Decoupage Retro Papier Mâché Baubles *
  44. Decoupage Vintage Christmas Postcards **
  45. DIY Miniature Toothpick Nativity Ornament **
  46. Craft The Three Nails and A Fish Chrismon ** 
  47. Handmade Pearl and Shell Ornament *** 
  48. Craft A Christmas Candy Wrap Jester From a Clothespin *** 
  49. Wrap a Pipe-Cleaner Wreath Ornament *
  50. Handpainted Driftwood Belznickle **
  51. Pin a Sequin Drum for Your Vintage Inspired Tree *
  52. Craft Christmas Gourd Snowmen Ornaments *** 
  53. Hand Color Laser Cut Balsa Wood Ornaments *
  54. Craft a Snow Baby From Cotton Batting ***** 
  55. DIY Paper Bead Ornament and Garland *
  56. Sculpt a Cotton Batting Deer ***** 
  57. Make a Pasta Angel Ornament *
  58. Pierrot Cotton Batting Figure ****
  59. Craft a Salt Clay Angel From a Mold *** 
  60. An Adorable Snowman Craft Using Pine Cones **
  61. Craft Miniature Snow Scene Baubles
  62. How to Make a Paper Doily Angel *
  63. Craft a Communion Cup for The Chrismon Tree  *** 
  64. Wrap Cotton Batting Q-tip Stars **
  65. Craft a Pine Cone Santa Head Ornament ***
  66. Christmas Ornaments Crafted With Wire and Glass Beads ** 
  67. A Triquetra Knot Chrismon, Cut From A Scherenscnitte  ** 
  68. Assemble Victorian Scrap Ornaments for Christmas Fairs ** 
  69. Tutorial for Weaving Christmas Stars With Yarn/String **
  70. Craft a Papier Mache Chrismon Candle  ***
  71. Craft Tear Drop Shaped Chrismons with Shells
  72. Print and Assemble Old-Fashioned Ice Skates
  73. DIY White Feather Angel Ornament *
  74. Paper Rosette Ornaments and Garlands  **
  75. Pinning Contemporary Christmas Bauble  **
  76. Sew a Few Wool Hearts for Your Christmas Tree  **
  77. Craft a Belznickle Head Patchwork Stocking Ornament **** 
  78. Bend and Twist a Cotton Batting Bird Cage ***
  79. Assemble a Milkweed Pod Baby Ornament **
  80. Cotton Batting Mushroom Ornaments  ***
  81. Craft An Anchored Chrismon Cross ***  
  82. Sew Primitive Sock Snowmen Ornaments * (tea bath dyeing)
  83. Craft Baby Jesus in A Walnut Shell  ***
  84. Craft a Beaded Cross  ** 
  85. Craft a Dove Chrismon, Symbolic of The Holy Spirit  ** 
  86. Shabby Chic Scrap Piecework Baubles *
  87. Wrap a Cotton Batting Christmas Bell  ***
  88. Bend Tinsel Chenille Stem Ornaments   *
  89. Sew Snowman Heads From Fabric Remnants  ***
  90. DIY Cotton Batting Cup of Cocoa  ****
  91. Ornament craft project from Art Education Daily : dangling nut head people  *** 
  92. Pin Together a Victorian Sequin Bauble
  93. Craft a Pear From Spun Cotton Batting ****
  94. Ornament craft project from Art Education Daily : walnut strawberry **
  95. Ornament craft project from Art Education Daily : pipe cleaner puppy **
  96. Ornament craft project from Art Education Daily : Peruvian peasant and llama ornaments **** 
  97. Small Felt Stockings Enhanced with Costume Jewelry *
  98. Stitch a Sampler For Your Colonial Christmas Tree ** 
  99. Make This Spun Cotton Antique Looking Wreath ** 
  100. Fold Victorian Wire Ribbon Rosettes
  101. Craft Your Own Set of Spun Cotton Icicles ** 
  102. Mosaic Shell Baubles ***
  103. Cotton Batting Baskets *** 
  104. Craft a Pea Pod from Cotton Batting **
  105. Who Wants a Polly? **** (working with a electric jig-saw)
  106. My handcrafted, cotton batting candlesticks *** 
  107. Beaded Pearl Icicles *
  108. A Fine Feathered Bird Ornament ** 
  109. Recycle vintage crochet for the tree
  110. A Cool Balancing Act Ornament Craft *** 
  111. Silver and Gold Tinsel Icicles
  112. DIY Sculpted Shell from Cotton Batting **** 
  113. Craft Your Own Reproduction Retro Elf Drummer ** 
  114. The Open Bible Chrismon ** 
  115. A Sheave of Wheat Chrismon ** 
  116. Owlets in a sycamore tree ornament *** (candy cone) 
  117. Uncle Sam Jumping-Jack ornament
  118. Patriotic, paper cut-out shield
  119. Grandpa's wooden morels * 
  120. Capturing the veiled lady in cotton... **
  121. Mixed Media Strawberry Ornament *** 
  122. Traditional Gilded Walnut Ornaments
  123. DIY the Prophet Jonah and Whale ****
Christmas Ornament Crafts Designed For: Preschool - Second Grade, ages 4 - 9
  1. Craft a snowman ornament from a paint stirring stick 
  2. Craft An Ornament of The Baby Jesus in His Manger
  3. Craft Old St. Nick from Recycled Paper Tubes 
  4. Quick and Easy Christmas Bauble Craft 
  5. Little Ones Can Print Snowmen With Their Hands
  6. DIY a Paper Mache Bell


    1. I LOVE this collection of ornament crafts! I've decided to make at least one a week for my tree next year. Thank You so much Kathy for your blog.

    2. Your welcome Angie, it's a fun blog to write and create with!


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