Christmas Craft Projects

 Articles About Gift Giving at Christmas:
Links to Christmas Craft Ideas:
Traditional Christmas Crafts For Older Children and Adults:
  1. Christmas Crackers
  2. Craft Froebel Stars for Christmas
  3. How to Craft Your Own Kaleidoscope 
Ideas/Methods for Ceramics and Pottery Projects:
Patterns/Ideas for Textile Projects:
  1. Reproducing a Vintage Christmas Stocking 
  2. Redwork Pet Patterns
  3. History of Christmas Stockings
  4. Ladies' Crocheted Hood from 1916 
  5. Enhance a Christmas Stocking with Costume Jewelry  
  6. Craft a Belznickle Head, Patchwork Stocking
  7. Hang a Unique Stocking on Your Front Door This Christmas
Handmade, Nostalgic, Gifts for Woodworking:
  1. Make this nostalgic circus elephant seat
  2. Toy Animal Box with Moving Facial Features
  3. Craft a Prairie Schooner Mail Box 
  4. Turn a Swedish Top
  5. Corner Whatnot Shelf (maple leaf design)
  6. Handcraft a personalized tie rack for Dad
  7. Memo Cabinet for Your Kitchen
  8. Classic Wooden Game Boards
  9. 6 Different Decorative Doorbell Plates to Make 
  10. Craft a Mexican Powder Box
  11. Build a Sailboat Lamp for A Child's Room
  12. Turn a Novel Mexican Table Set
  13. Crossword Puzzle Fan
  14. Cut this novel, Dutch boy pipe holder
  15. "Mad Cat" bench for children
  16. Our "Dutch Cousins" Door Stops
  17. Vintage silhouettes for shadow casting lamps
  18. Who Wants a Polly?
  19. "Little Sister" book ends
  20. Little Miss Muffet jig-saw puzzle template 
  21. Attractive, vintage coat hangers are easy to make
  22. Decorative color designs for furniture
  23. How to build a barrel stave for winter fun!
  24. Cut a jigging puppet from wood 
  25. My vintage DIY stove top and oven - It's toddler proof! 
Christmas Crafts For Children:
  1. A stacked felt Christmas tree
  2. Sew a vintage yo yo clown to give as a gift
  3. A paper heart shaped Christmas tree
  4. Craft a Portrait of Rudolph Using Paper, Paint and Pom-Poms
  5. Christmas Paper Plate Snow Globe
  6. Layered paper plate Christmas tree
  7. "Time for Tea Placemat" for Christmas
  8. Make a marshmallow math placemat to count on!
  9. Color a nostalgic portrait calendar of Santa Claus
  10. String festive popcorn treats
  11. Sculpt a snow scene with clay
  12. Craft a Disney Castle Jewelry Box
  13. Collage a candle to remember "The Light of The World"
  14. Make a Paper Plate Wreath with A Candle Inside
  15. 12 Six-Sided Snowflake Templates
  16. Craft a snowman ornament from a paint stirring stick 
  17. Craft An Ornament of The Baby Jesus in His Manger
  18. Craft Old St. Nick from Recycled Paper Tubes 
  19. Quick and Easy Christmas Bauble Craft 
  20. Little Ones Can Print Snowmen With Their Hands 
  21. Make pine cone Christmas trees
  22. Weaving Christmas Stars with Yarn or String
  23. Wrap a rainbow colored wreath from a wooden curtain ring
  24. Recycle used gift wraps into tags and ornaments
  25. Wrap ornaments with wire and glass beads
Print, Cut, and Color Christmas Coloring Pages:
  1. Three Old-Fashioned Jumping-Jacks 
  2. Coloring Pages by Elizabeth O. Dulemba
  3. Cut and paste old-fashioned ornaments for a paper Christmas tree collage
  4. Color old-fashioned Christmas toys
  5. Beautiful bisque head dolls
  6. Old St. Nick with His Bag of Toys
  7. Color Santa and The Children
  8. Color Santa's Christmas Greetings
  9. Color a Christmas Angel With an Instrument 
  10. Coloring Pictures of Vintage Baby Dolls

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