About Belznickle or Belsnickle

A selection of Belsnickles by Kathy Grimm, 2012 editions. Left, view more. Center, view more. Right, view more.
      When searching for these folk art Santa figure on the web it is important to know that the word "Belsnickel" is spelled in many different ways. (also Belschnickel, Belznickle, Belznickel, Pelznikel, Pelznickel, from pelzen (or belzen, German for to wallop or to drub) and Nickel being a hypocorism of the given name Nikolaus) is a fur-clad Christmas gift-bringer figure in the folklore of Palatinate region of southwestern Germany along the Rhine, the Saarland, and the Odenwald region of Baden-Württemberg. Read more . . .
Limited Edition Belznickles by By Kathy Grimm:
    1. Tall and Thin, Old-World Belznickles by Kathy Grimm
    2. The Limited Edition, White Cloaked, Belznickles from 2012
    3. My Belznickle Doll in A Patchwork Coat
    4. Yesterday's Santa, Limited Edition Belsnickles Sculpted by Kathy Grimm
    5. Belznickles With Glittery Pink and Blue Coats by Kathy Grimm 
    6. Sculpted Belznickles in Gold, Blue and Brick Red Winter Coats
    7. Belznickle Candy Box by Kathy Grimm
      Limited Edition and/or One-Of-A-Kind Belznickles:
        1. Johanna Parker carries limited edition Belznickles
        2. Belsnickle/Santa figures by Vickie Smyers
        3. Creations in Wood by Wade
          Open-Edition Belznickles:
              1. Primitive Folk Art Belsnickles by Susan Brack   and Crazy Quilt Belsnickle Dolls
              2. Yelloware Santas from Bittersweet House Folk Art by Kathy
              3. Chalkware Figurines by Rich Connolly
              4. Belsnickles by Linda Lindquist Baldwin
              5. Reproduction Belsnickles by Kay and Guy Stamm
              6. David Bignell's wood carved Belsnickles
              7. Vallancourt Chalkware
              8. Mary Fisher's Reproduction Belsnickles
              9. Made to order Belsnickle Santa Dolls
                Decorating With Belznickles:
                  1. My Welsh Cupboard Decorated for Christmas
                  2. Woolen pattern by Bonnie Sullivan made up and displayed on a tabletop. and here is her website
                  3. Hand-stiched needlepoint Tree Skirt of Old-World Santas
                  4. Countdown to Christmas!
                  5. Christmas Decor Part Two from A Primitive Place
                  6. Collection from Stars and Stripes
                  7. Memories of Christmas Past - Belsnickles

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