Sunday, July 9, 2017

An Uncle Sam Jumping-Jack for Your Patriotic Tree

This Uncle Sam paper doll was designed
by George Piper in 1920.
   I've restored this 1920 Uncle Sam Jumping-Jack by George Piper for your all American, patriotic Christmas tree. You will need some tiny brass brads, scissors and string to assemble him after you have printed out this paper doll.
   Once he is assembled, use a hot glue gun to adhere a tiny bottle brush wreath or tree between his hands. 
   If you want your Christmas scrap to look "older" simply print it out onto yellowish-tan or beige paper.

More of Uncle Sam for Christmas Decorating:
      Did you know that there are 38 total other countries that have red, white and blue colors in their national flags? Patriotic Christmas trees aren't only for Americans; countries like: Australia, Cuba, France, Haiti, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, and even the United Kingdom all have the red, white and blue as their very own national colors!

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