Friday, October 31, 2014

Thanksgiving Ornaments Made From Indian Corn

Indian corn comes in many colors.
      I chose to hang a few miniature Indian corn from my Blessing tree this year for the Thanksgiving holiday. As I was shopping for supper one night, I found their warm golds, bright oranges and varied brown tones to be irresistible. So instead of buying tomatoes and lettuce, I splurged and purchased these little cuties.
      I trimmed the bulk of the husks off of their tops; these would be a bit too over-powering for my delicate little tree. Then I simply twisted some twine around their stems, added a bit of tacky glue to a few remaining husks and then pasted these around the stems to cover the knots. Wrap a few tight rubber bands around the husks so that these stay in place while they are drying. I also trimmed off the tips so that the corn looked more attractive.
Here are just a few of my Indian corn ornaments hanging on the Blessing Tree.
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