Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For The Christmas Goose

      "If you're looking for a stunning Christmas centrepiece, this roast goose recipe is it! The wild rice stuffing is deliciously different, studded with apples and nuts and flavoured with aromatic herbs. You could try using walnuts or pecans instead of hazelnuts, and in addition to apples you could add some dried currants. If there's any extra stuffing that doesn't fit in the goose cavity, simply place it in a buttered baking dish and bake covered for the last hour of cooking. "

Watch this video from AllrecipesUK to see how to roast a Christmas goose to perfection, complete with a delicious hazelnut, apple and wild rice stuffing. 

      Two excellent stuffings for the Christmas goose are made as follows: Mix two cupfuls of warm mashed potatoes with half a cupful of onion juice, half a cupful of walnut kernels rolled fine, a few spoonfuls of cream, a tablespoonful of butter, the yolk of two eggs and seasoning to taste. Mix well. Another is made with two cupfuls of bread crumbs, one large sour apple, a cupful each of raisins and boiled chestnuts, a stalk of celery and a small onion chopped fine, a large lump of butter, some pepper and salt and enough cream to give it the proper consistency. If more stuffing is made than needed, make the surplus into small balls and bake until golden brown, and use to garnish the platter. Apple sauce, or currant jelly is the proper accompaniment for goose. Try either of these stuffings and enjoy! (These two recipes date from 1911)

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