Sunday, June 23, 2013

Christmas Window Displays

 (A Christmas window display in Paris, France)

      The best holiday window dressings can generate great excitement and become a gathering place for an entire shopping community. They contribute to the environment by entertaining pedestrians, while simultaneously communicating the products and services inside the store.     Many department stores create displays with moving parts, lights, music and all kinds of animated characters.
       When I was a young child it was a part of my family's tradition at Christmas to grab a hot cocoa and walk along the avenue viewing the Christmas window displays. As I grew older and moved to Chicago this became an even greater treat! 
       Now I take my children to down town St. Charles every year to view their window dressings and eat chestnuts that are roasted by venders on the street corners there. St. Charles also hires many actors and singers during Christmas to entertain pedestrians. This is a inexpensive way for my family to enjoy the holiday environment and be together.
      I've included some fun video here of Christmas window displays I found on youtube for those of you who are "snowed in" during the holidays or maybe you live in a small town and don't get to see these elaborate creations.

Video selections of window dressings at Christmas.
More links to Christmas window displays.

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