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Christmas (Weihnachtsmann) Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Made with Cutout Cookie Cutters: Most commonly made of copper, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic, these cutouts are the simplest of the cookie cutters; the cutter is pressed into cookie dough that has been rolled flat to produce the shape of the cutter's outline. Cookie Cutter Ornaments with Personal Photos * How to make Christmas ornaments with dough * Make Cookie Cutter Felt Ornaments * Baked Dough Christmas Ornaments ***
Christmas Ornaments Made with Detail Imprint Cookie Cutters: These cutters are commonly made of copper, tin, or plastic. Detail imprints are similar to cutout cookie cutters, except that detail imprints also mark the surface of the dough. ***
Christmas Ornaments Made with Folded Paper: Polish Christmas Stars * Folded Flower Christmas Tree Ornament * Geodesic Christmas Ornament * Finnish Stars * A Rolled Paper Star * Five Point Paper Star * Christmas Paper Rosettes * Craft Froebel Stars for Christmas * Elegant paper stars folded with glassine papers * Paper ball ornaments for your Christmas tree * Three Dimensional Snowflake *  
Cotton batting ornaments: Cotton batting may be cut flat, crushed into a mold or shaped by hand onto a form: Cotton Christmas Tree Ornaments * Reproduction batting ornaments by Lucy Webber * Cotton batting supplier for reproduction Christmas ornaments * Cotton batting pears, apples and peaches * Cotton Batting Santa with Scrap Face * Spun Cotton Jemima Puddle Duck * Lucy Webber on Martha Stewart * Rare Cotton Ow Tree Ornament * spun cotton and dresden paper ornaments * Craft An Old-World Cotton Batting Santa * A Russian spun cotton drummer * spun cotton kitty with butterfly * China babies with spun cotton bodies * Vintage by Crystal * The White Rabbit * Old World Christmas Ornaments made from spun cotton * The "Spun Cotton Journal" ********
Bottle Brush Trees: How to Paint Bottle Brush Trees ***
Cross Stitch Ornaments: Twelve Days of Christmas' Cross Stritch Patterns *** 
Crochet and Macrame Ornaments: Stiffeners *** 
Quilling Patterns for Ornaments: *** 
Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments from our family's collection: a small baby in a red tin cradle, a blown glass chimney sweep, and an antique celluloid travel doll from Germany.
Yarn and Twine Ornaments: Braided Stars ***  
Christmas Ornaments Made with Cookie Molds: These molds are usually made of wood, ceramic, or plastic. Springerle molds are the oldest examples of these. A cookie mold typically has an ornate design embossed into the surface; the mold is pressed into the cookie dough to produce an embossed design. Signature Ornaments by Gorky Gonzalez ***  
Wax ornaments: German Blonde Wax Angel ****
Christmas Ornaments Made with Cookie Stamps:
This type of mold is usually lighter weight and has a shallow profile compared to traditional cookie molds. These pottery ornaments are stamped * trees here are lovely ***  
Sculpted Salt Clay Christmas Ornaments: salt dough by Adelle * Peruvian peasant and llama ornaments * Polymer Clay Ornaments by Cheryl * sweet little cat ***
Craft Scherenschnitte Christmas Ornaments: Scherenschnitte which means "scissor cuts" in German, is the art of papercutting design. The art work often has symmetry within the design, and common forms include silhouettes, valentines, and love letters. The art tradition was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 16th century, and was brought to Colonial America in the 18th century by immigrants who settled primarily in Pennsylvania.
      Scherenschnitte make light weight, detailed ornaments that can be hung on the weakest of branches. Cutting such delicate work takes patience and practice, but once you've mastered the skill, you will be able to decorate an entire tree for mere pennies. patterns by Alison * scherenschnitte on eggs * love birds and pine tree * German traditions celebrated at N.C. History Center * An Angelic Scherenschnitte Ornament * Hand Cut by Janet Lynch * Nancy Beaudion's Scherenschnitte * Craft Scherenschnitte Christmas Ornaments * 12 six-sided paper snowflake templates ** 
Old Fashioned Beaded Christmas Ornaments: Czechoslovakian glass ornaments: Shabby Chic Pearl Flower Tutorial * Craft a Beaded Cross * Craft a Beaded Star * Czech beaded ornaments * Mid Century Czech Wired Glass Bead Christmas Ornaments * Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Bead Garland ***
A tin elephant on wheels, a Victorian mouse with a yule log cake and two tiny crocheted ornaments hang on my family's tree.
Spun-glass and printed Paper Victorian Ornaments: Victorian Reproduction Ornaments: Spun Glass Ornaments from the Golden Glow of Christmas Past * Lovely spun glass reproductions made from molds * The Dresden Star Ornaments - features mostly dye cut paper ornaments with tinsel * * Swinging on a Star *  * Victorian beaded silk balls * * Victorian Wire Wrap Ornaments * Exhibit of Handmade Victorian Christmas Ornaments * Victorian Ethereal Angels * Elaborate Victorian Scrap *

Dresden Ornaments: Those intricately made ornaments originating from the cottage Christmas industry of the Dresden-Leipzig area in Germany, during 1880-1910 prior to WWI, are called Dresden ornaments. Antique Dresden Ornaments * Excellent photos of Dresden ornaments at Hometraditions * Christmas Ornaments with Robert and Joy * A Pug Dresden * Antique Paper-mache Ornaments Dresden * Antique Dresden Christmas Ornaments posted by Barbara Romer * Dresden Ornaments of Christmas Past * Dresden Rooster * Dresden Battleship (scroll to the bottom of page) * Dresden Reproductions From * Dresden Star Ornaments on Martha Stewart * Vintage Christmas Ornaments, From Cardboard Dresdens to Silvered Kugels * Dresden Star Ornaments * Antique German Dresden Ornament ***
Chrismon Ornaments: Chrismon trees are a popular variation of the Christmas tree developed by Frances Kipps Spencer, a member of the Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia. She originated the concept in 1957 when she set out to create decorations appropriate for a church's Christmas celebrations. The ornaments she created using leftover supplies used for wrapping Christmas presents quickly became popular, so Spencer began creating additional ornaments and wrote a series of how-to books. After her death in 1990, Spencer willed the rights to the Chrismons name and patterns to the Ascension church to continue its non-profit ministry.       
      The Chrismon tree is highly symbolic, conveying the life of Christ and the meaning of Christmas through commonly found items and easily understood symbols borrowed or modified from other sources. The tree is evergreen, representing eternal life, and decorated with traditional and modified ancient Christian symbols, called Chrismon. which are usually handmade by members of a local congregation using beads, sequins, glitter and styrofoam in colors of white and gold.  What is a Crismon? * The Pearl of Great Price Chrismon Ornament * Craft baby Jesus in a walnut shell * Needlepoint Crismons * Crismons defined * Paper Crismons * Beading Crismons * Crismons Ministry * Making Beaded Felt Crismons * Christian Ornaments - Basic Shapes * Wooden Crismons * Children's Crismon Kit * More varieties of Crismons  * Christian Symbols for Crismons - patterns * Crismons on the Christmas Tree * Crismon photos * Christian Symbols * Fish Eaters * Rudolf Koch * Christian Ornaments
Papier-mache or Decoupage Ornaments: Halloween ornaments ***
Fabric/Textile Ornaments: Quilted Ball Ornament ***
Blown glass figures from Lauscha: *** Articles About Old Time Ornaments: An interview with antique Christmas ornament collector Jerry Arnold * Once Upon a Town: Toy and Miniature Villages * Ornaments From The Past ***
Blogging About Ornaments:
Blogging about Christmas Ornaments * Sketch Upon A Time **
Chenille Stem Ornaments: vintage creations **********
Vintage Chalkware: The 1840 stone house collection ********
Snow Babies: Mary Morrison ***** 
Nativity Scenes and creches: Wolfgang Metzner ***** 

Tabletop Christmas Trees: Swedish Christmas Tree Craft * Christmas Yarn Topiary * Paper Christmas Trees * The Feather Tree Co. ********
Tree Skirts: Guest Picks: Christmas Tree Skirts for Every Style ******
Collections, Collectables & Collectors: The Golden Glow of Christmas Past * Rucus Studio * German Ornaments * David Pool * Susanne Freericks * Betty Bell * Antik Toy Store * Inge-Glas of Germany * German Christmas Museum * K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt’s * Das Erzgebirge ****

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